Building Design in Fayetteville, NC

Construction Systems’ Best Value Delivery Program

A cooperative effort between you and CSI, this value based construction delivery method brings total focus to your specific needs. Function, image/presentation and cost are the critical elements of a successful project, and they are determined in the design phase of every building program. Understanding construction costs, the CSI Design Team can produce the design that incorporates all of those aspects.

Single-Source Responsibility

A single source of responsibility and accountability is one of the great benefits of our Design/Build Program. There is no finger-pointing between designer and contractor. Close communication between our design team and key subcontractors helps eliminate gaps between disciplines and lessens the likelihood of costly change orders. Preliminary Code reviews with Inspections Departments as well as other governing agencies further validate the design process and product.

Pre-Construction Goal Setting

Very early in the process, our Design/Build Program helps define specific facility requirements and building site conditions. This, in conjunction with the owner’s business model parameters, enables the team (owner and CSI) to properly direct the design by determining construction type and materials, levels of finish, systems, LEED opportunities and all other elements that impact the end product.

Early Establishment of Budget

Preliminary project estimates are developed as soon as a general scope is established. This ensures that the design process does not get off course with regard to your capital parameters.

Value Engineering

During the design phase, great emphasis is placed on design efficiency with regard to quality and economy. Opportunities to save money on the front end often do not equate to money saved over the life of your facility. We bring our experience to bear on all options that will deliver real savings opportunities without sacrificing quality and durability. CSI will also request qualified subcontractors and suppliers to offer value engineering options as a part of their bid for their scope in the project.

Cost Control

We retain the advantages of the competitive bid process by inviting qualified subcontractors and suppliers to offer competitive bids for their particular scope of work. These bids are evaluated for their accuracy and adherence to the drawings and specifications. The low number is not always the best or right number. It is our responsibility to select the team members that will produce a successful project.


Fast-tracking is another advantage of our Design/Build Program. Working through the design phase with selected subcontractors and materials suppliers helps establish the best competitive solutions very early in the process. We are able to lock in prices and schedules in order to preserve the best costs, launch construction and deliver your facility sooner.

Controlling Adversity

Conflicts are minimized as there can be no “finger pointing” between architect and contractor. We are solely responsible for the design and construction of your facility. When surprises do arise, we can react quickly and efficiently to resolve issues without undue impact on the project schedule.

Project Management

The CSI Project Manager assigned to your project will drive it to a successful conclusion. He will produce a detailed construction schedule to be respected and followed by all service providers, subcontractors and suppliers. He will receive all submissions to ensure all provided items meet or exceed the demands of the construction documents. He will conduct regular on-site meetings to receive reports and needs assessments that will allow him to assist every trade to stay on course.

Full-time project supervision will be provided by our superintendent. If there is work being performed on your site, our superintendent will be present. He will monitor quality and efficiency of all personnel on site.

Whether you need a new facility, expansion or renovation of an existing building, the CSI Design/Build Program will deliver creative design and quality construction at the best value possible.